Backyard Starship feature image (by Emilia Schneider)

Backyard Starship

A trailer for the sci-fi book series by J N Chaney and Terry Maggert

Kilogramme Animation Studio produced a trailer for the sci-fi book series ‚Backyard Starship‘ by J N Chaney and Terry Maggert. After finding a spaceship hidden beneath his barn, Van Tudor embarks on an adventure of galactic proportions.


The final paintings and the animation of the walk were produced by my co-workers Maria and Claire. I did the compositing and added an array of effects such as lens flares, camera shakes and particles with the goal of creating more movement in the mostly static images.


The client provided descriptions on the five scenes that were to be shown in the film. Following these notes I visualised the animatic. Here are the images I created.